I hail from Ode Remo in Ogun State, Nigeria which is about 30 mins from the city of Lagos. On a recent visit to Ibadan, Oyo State, the Audi A6 I was riding in broke down, we were about 10 mins to my village where the parts we needed was finally purchase on that faithful Sunday, I was almost tempted to take the most risky mode of transport (The Okada) on the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway just to set foot in my village, I knew my family wouldn’t allow me do that so I shut down the thought. For years I have always driven past at break neck speeds to other cities of the country from Abuja to Kaduna and from Lagos to Owerri, in all of these journeys I have never for once done a detour to visit the village of my ancestors.

Its rather interesting that for a blue blood it is not even right in the first place. Then about a month ago, an associate told me he was going to buy some land in my state for N50,000 per plot (about $200.00), I am now very much tempted to buy land in and around my state now, believe it or not, it would be a hot spot in 20 years, however that can be reduced to 10 years if a light rail system can connect from Ketu to Ikorodu and Ikorodu to Ogun State, then ferries like the NY Water Taxis can operate the Lagos Lagoon. That would be super awesome right? Well it is all dependent on Nigerians insisting and protesting for it to happen. I don’t believe Lagos needs another Bridge, we need to maintain the ones we have and provide security on the waterways and secured mode of transportation.

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