As I decided to take the night to watch movies, I watched The Escort, the current was low, thanks to my LG devices that work with whatever current I was good, however my power consuming DELL Desktop wouldn’t come on, I counted the hours wasted in disgust, as my internet access with Spectranet Runs 24 hours over the weekend. I then decide to switch on the generator to get some emails, school work and downloads done. I heard the Spirit say, they came on a Tuesday, they can come on a Saturday night too. I took my Blackberry Bold 5 which is my primary phone and left the HTC Desire to charge, asking myself which was more important in the case of a robbery, I took the Bold 5 because I had speed dial to MOPOLs on it.

Off to bed I went, I felt guilty going to bed as I am usually up till 3 -4am, since the last incident of being robbed on July 14. It was 5.19am I got rudely wakened by the most popular ring tone known to Blackberry devices, disgusted at the thought of who had the audacity to disturb my beauty sleep, it was my neighbor, asking if they were in my apartment, I was like them again, fetched my cutlass and my torch.

Felt stupid not to own a 9mm at this point, they passed through our prison styled barbwire’s, snipped them, went to the next street, robbed 4 families of their quick to sell properties, laptops, phones, jewelries…they hated the fact someone switched on the lights and started flicking it. This is why I hate those who like switching off lights in their homes, if it is a poverty mindset, stop it doesn’t save you much on electricity bills. Darkness and its cohorts hate the light. Thankful to God I didn’t get hit one more time in less than 6 months, but I think it is high time ‪#‎Amobde‬ gets his acts together and asks Babatunde Raji Fashola how he did it for 8 years.

It is so annoying that robbers now use POS machines to swipe ones cards on site of their operations, Weekends are now peak periods for the and we all need to get our acts right and know that security is not about 1 person, it is about all of us, if the Government wouldn’t help us, we need to protest and we need to protest fast.  ‪#‎REALESTATEMOGULSPEAKS‬

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  1. Olumidkem
    October 21, 2016

    Security consciousness is very important in our dad to day activities. These marauders should be made to know that they are not the only ones feeling the recession. My candid advice is for everyone to get acquainted with the secur8agençies hotlines and always have our phones recharged. I can say that the response from the security guys is better now.

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