‪#‎SHOPPINGMALLS‬ – As I came back to life and my driver took me out around the mainland and the island, I found that loads of shopping malls had sprung up. My friend who was constructing one on Admiralty, Lekki had rented out all his shops. The thing about high street shops in Nigeria is that they are absolutely unsustainable.

The rate at which people open and close shops in High Brow Lagos, Nigeria is amazing, stay on you lane and stop following the hype. I am always trying to understand it. even if you are printing money, spend it with a bit of accounting sense. How can you spend N5m on rent and you shop is stocked with N2m worth of goods?

Game Store from South Africa in The Palms Mall, Oniru, Iru Victoria Island.
Game Store from South Africa in The Palms Mall, Oniru, Iru Victoria Island

Another disastrous shopping mall is Ikota Mall, both the first one and the newly constructed one. The developers are so amazing, you make the mistake of no parking space at you first project and you make the same mistake in your second project. Even if you all do not travel abroad, please can you not see what the South Africans are building in Nigeria?

Then you wonder why they are doing well and transferring millions back to their country. I am hoping for a change of our mindsets. hence even for my small business, I run a virtual office space in Victoria Island and do most of my work from my full equipped home office.

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