Integrity In Real Estate

Integrity is tough, it is the one thing that makes greed look stupid. My major and 2nd transaction was a deal in Lekki Phase 1, it was the most irregular shaped land ever (a triangular shaped land), on the day the buyer had a meeting with the seller. I found out that the buyers agent was someone I knew from 10 years back, he asked me to cut off everyone, I would have made N2m all to myself and that would have made it a great holiday for me from 2009 into 2010.

However I stuck with my brokers, even delivered half a million Naira in cash to one of the brokers at midnight on 30/Dec/2009. He was in absolute shock as to why I would bring that kind of money to him at such an hour. I said, if I don’t give you this money tonight I don’t know what I would do with it tomorrow. Meanwhile I am on the first flight out of Lagos to Accra for a vacation.



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