The Power of Wills – Next of Kins


It is known that most wealthy and educated people never leave a will, (Rotimi Williams, SAN is a good example). A will no matter how short should be looked into. I am yet to know the process but I don’t think it is cumbersome, I recently meet a recently bereaved man whose elder brother left him as the next of kin and administrator of his estate, the young man was like I don’t want to deal with all that, his parents insisted, since he has to take care of his brothers kids who had just become orphans.
After much persuasion, he agreed to honor his late elder brothers request, he was in a state of shock when he realized his 11 year old nephew was worth over N30 Billion Naira. I was amazed that it really didn’t move him and he is doing all he can to make sure his nephew, niece, siblings and parents are well taken care of.
This I have come to realize would have not been the case if the little brother to the deceased was up and about his brothers business or not doing his own thing. I am super proud of this young man and I know he would do a great job of executing his late brothers wishes to the last t.
Anyone who can’t multiply an inheritance is not leaving an inheritance for, therefore I believe it is best one takes the time to do what is right and learn from ones parents. The best way to go in life and if your parents are corrupt, please look for a mentor.
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