Understanding Rentals Now

One of the properties I rented out recently had 2 units of 3 bedrooms, I had a ‘cabal’ who is good with lettings in the area deal with the part of getting tenants, he got the first group of 2 guys that I meet, the two chaps seems very decent, one even brought his Mum and I had to travel, before I left I meet a lady who was interested in the 2nd unit, while I was away to Abuja, Jos and Kaduna.


The agent sent me funds for the rent for the ladies, the had some plumbing issues, so I got back on Saturday to sort them out, an extra day in Abuja would have been appreciated, but I felt it was my duty to get an artisan to sort them out, since the last plumber was a disaster to the human race.

I got back and it was one issue after the other, I spent the whole lot of Saturday sorting them out with the rains, but I got the shock of my life when I found out that the living room and dinning area had been converted to a room, the ladies in the 3 rooms that were en suite had to come through the back door which is where the kitchen is and the lady in the living room and dinning, now converted to living room and bedroom whilst the guest toilet was now a bathroom and toilet, by adding a shower. I was in a state of shock…offered a refund immediately which was just a whole lot of drama, the agent showed up spoke to the ladies and all the ladies became one big family. These were the same ladies who had issues with coming through the back door earlier. For the guys it happened to be the same situation, but guys would be guys, they are more understanding.

It is crazy but this is what now has to happen in Nigeria for people to have a roof over their heads, however while I was watching entrepreneur magazine youtube channel yesterday, I have come to realize that millennials are more interested in the space to sleep, work and be sane than massive spaces hence studio apartments to 2 bedrooms are now hot cake in most cities of the world. That is why a platform like www.airbnb.com would make more money than hotels.

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