1,004 mistake I made!

From 2006 to 2007 I worked as an IT Consultant to various Bank, Pension Fund Managers and even small businesses, as a well sought after consultant I had the liberty of mingling in the financial sector and it was very exciting to be entrusted with some of the most amazing data, considering I was handling Data Migration and archiving for these establishments and assisting small businesses to get a website and all.

In no time I was employed by another IT company on the side as a somewhat full time staff, that could work from a serviced apartment which they rented on Taiwo Ishola Street, Off Chief Collins in  Lekki Phase 1, back then it was not pleasant to live in Lekki Phase 1, a taxi ride from The Palms Shopping mall to Lekki Phase 1 was N 3,000.00, considering I was not interested in driving the company car and having a car was not top priority, my expenditure on Taxis was like taking an UBER daily for 12 hours. The traffic from VI to Lekki Phase 1 then, makes the traffic from Ikate to Ajah look like a joke.

However the posh furniture and the clean environment of my apartment was just okay for me, to cap it up I was the only one staying in the 3 bedroom at the time, therefore I could hear my thoughts and strategies bounce in the right directions, the fridge was always stocked for when my top web designer (Late Femi Abolade) God rest his soul, showed up with the others to find ways for us to deploy the next best solution Nigeria was yet to see.

In all of these, I got a mail for a partner at my workplace from 1004 Estate Limited, since he was in the UK, I had to give him a call, he instructed me to open the mail and read it to him, which I did. The letter was an offer to buy a 3 bedroom flat in 1004 which was just about to be renovated  for N12.5m (Twelve Milllion, Five Hundred Thousand Naira).

He told me to kindly trash the darn mail, that nothing was going to stop him from getting the 2007 Range Rover Sport Autobiograph, which he just picked the brochure when he landed at Heathrow Airport, London. I was spoke to myself that I wish I had that kind of money, considering all I had was about N2M at the time. However this is where fear cheated me, I could have dropped the N2M as down payment and negotiated to pay the balance later say 6 years. My money might have been refunded, but I am sure with an air tight agreement, I might still have owned the flat. Fast forward 10 years, the same flat is sold for N 65,000,000.00 (Sixty Five Million Naira). This is why I tell people to please pay for land or houses where they can afford in Lagos and Abuja, development in these cities are amazing, since there is demand.


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